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Ambition 1.5


Element 1050s

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Quilt Expression 4.2 £1499

Expression 4


Quilt Ambition 2.0 £969




Ambition essental £619

Expression 4




Select 4.2 £599

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Pfaff Sewing Machines


A wide range of high quality sewing machines to meet all your needs. Whether you are a beginner or looking to upgrade we have the solution.

Looking for a new sewing machine but not sure what you want - We can't begin to tell you all the features and benefits here - so come and talk to us and try out a choice of machines. You can try out all the features and have the opportunity to compare machines and their features. Come to a workshop and use one of our machines to give it a full workout before you buy!

I have demonstrators for the following machines:-

Creative 1.5

Quilt expression 4.2

Quilt Ambition 2.0

Ambition 1.0

Passport 2.0

Passport 3.0

Smarter 160

Hobbylock 2.5 (overlocker)

Creative Sensation pro



IDT (TM)- Makes the difference and is only from Pfaff! Ever been frustrated because you struggle to estimate a 1/4" seam when using the walking foot or would like to do embroidery stitches when quilting - well now you can. The IDT means you don't need a seperate walking foot so you can use the 1/4" seam guide foot or embroidery feet and be as creative as you want.

The idt doesn't just help when quilting however because the fabric is fed from both top and bottom simultaneously with any stitch, no matter what length or width there is absolutely no fabric slippage.

Creative Range

for Creative Sensation Pro 11 please call Kath

Creative 3.0 £2599

Creative 1.5 £1399

Creative 4.5 £3059

Embroidery unit for Creative 4.5 £1049

Performance 5.2 £2069

Expression Range

Quilt expression 4.2 £1499

Expression 3.5 £1399

Ambition Range with idt - ideal mid range model for patchwork and quilting as well as dressmaking -

Quilt Ambition 2.0 £969

Ambition 1.0 £729

Ambition essential £619

Passport range with idt - ideal machine for all sewing and easy enough to take to workshops

Passport 2.0 £489

Passport 3.0 with idt £579

Select Range with idt

select 4.2 £599

select 3.2 £539

Smarter by Pfaff

Smarter 260C £329

Smarter 160S £219

Smarter 140S £209

I also have 2 elements 1050s still in boxes for £75 each, Ideal for beginners or for taking to workshops as it is approximately 2.5kg lighter than the larger machines.


Coverlock 4.0 £1229

Coverlock 3.0 £879

Hobbylock 2.5 £649

Hobblock 2.0 £359


Prices correct as 16th December 2016



































Select 2

Select 2

Hobby 1132

Select 4


Ambition 1.0 £729

Ambition 1


Passport 2.0 £489


Passport 3.0 £579

Select 3.2 £539

Select 3

Creative 1.5 £1399

















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